20 July 2017

Snapchat-464778316.jpgA thursday morning was not a thing to get worried about . It was 10 in the morning when my alarm clock embraced my ears with its loud irritating sound . I opened my eyes one after an other yawning with my Pjs on. I could feel my wet shirt and without any doubt my mind figured the temperature outside. The Sun was shining direct on my window.

With a heavy heart i convinced myself to get out and reach towards the bathroom . A way too long journey it was . Every step felt like kilometers of heavy training .

I expected a lavish breakfast on a sunny hot day like this . Mouth watering dishes went though my mind and my heart was waiting for the taste to enter my mouth .

A bad start a bad day they say and i agree ,

The teenage factor was there to make my morning worse. Being a half adult now, My grandfather asked me to accompany him to the bakery and buy some stuff for the arriving guests on the station . Denying my decision of waking up early i sat in my car which was feverish enough to spoil my favourite outfit .

The day continued. My grandfather was done with his job, i thought now I will have a moment of peace and time to sleep and rest but i was totally wrong

My phupho showed up and unfortunately i had to turn my cars steering towards stattlite town for a small pickup job .

A whole day of driving sure did made me feel sleepy

my bed is calling me up right now

will write soon . INSHALLAH

Sheikh Uzair

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