Its insane how you get attached to a person so quickly .
how your everything gets linked with them
how your happiness depends upon their mood
how your sadness relates their sadness.

My story enjoins the same aspect of loving and loosing 

Love at very young age is something funny . Actually it isnt love what happens its just you get used to that person so much that its hard for you the accept their absence . My days and nights faced the same consequences.

The first lone happens with the wrong person and the second one happens at the wrong time  

And i heavily agree with it . In both the cases you are gonna be the one suffering . thats the sad part actually . its sad how a person to whom you meant the whole world suddenly changes into a stranger with memories or more worst a stranger you never knew . its sad how an individual changes your life and breaks your heart even sometimes destroys your whole life

loving is nothing wrong but just make sure you dont destroy your life for someone. have some life goal , work for it , be successful and show the world who you are and then you will see how everything be yours , last but not the least Join Allah with your work because when the creator himself is with you the creation can do no harm to you.



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